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Yes it is that time of year. Fall, beginning of TV shows and dramas keep your winter more entertained.  Last week we just had the premier of AHS freak show. I personally has been so looking for this.

Let’s talk about new “evil force” the Clown.

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My first impression: “ha! they finally found Joker’s DAD!” Great makeup and visual effect of clown. When I was going through the twitter feed, yes I notice many people will experience sleepless nights due to him. So great job. Did anyone get sense of Buffalo Bill in him? misunderstood, fill with anger and twisted mind. I would like to see where this character is going.

Elysa Mars,

Life on Mars David Bowie, he is way not in the same timeline as 1952, why they would put this music number. Did you see Elysa dresses as baby blue suits, the blue eye shadow, same as david bowie from the music video?

That is some nice touch to it. But what is the point of this music number? What is Ryan Murphy trying to express here? Any ideas or suggestions? please let your suggestions below.

I want to see where this story is going. It does have strong writing ( from my standard), plus the end of episode one, it shows why Elysa is doing this, collecting “freaks” from different places, what is her sole purpose.

I am intrigue to see where this is going. So all over I give this episode 8/10, strong writing, interesting character development and I am hooked.

Did anyone get feeling of this is weird, freaky version of Glee in real time back in 1950? Thoughts? agree? disagree?

Looking forward the episode two this week.