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Here comes the Boom!

Kevin James is always one of my favorite comedian, his recent file “Here comes the Boom” really reflect what I am going through as the starting career of Professional Public Speaker. Just like a young fighter or gladiator. Where do you start? Way way way below the bottom, the pit, or sometime the cage.

When I am not adjusting patients in clinic often I take my time to educate small and medium corporation about health and wellness. Of course I always want the nice and very professional set up, conference room, auditorium, stage, with light, sound, just great presentation. But it is really not the case when you just start your career as Professional Public Speaker. Even with more than 100 public speaking hours under your belt when it comes to real deal sometime I still shake like dog.

Where do you start? Below the bottom, the pit, the cage

Where do you start? Below the bottom, the pit, the cage

Luckily the Speaking gig this week is definitely not a real deal. But it is just the worst set up ever. Well how bad is it? It is dinner/talk but I wasn’t aware about dinner, show up with no set up, nothing more than my little Ipad 2, everyone is ready to start the dinner, even worse, people are walking around, chatting. I literally have to stop and pause numerous times. Once you stop, you will loss your train of thoughts. Then the fear, awkwardness, anger, frustration, negativity start rushing in.  You are embarrassed, wanting to quit anytime, or just want this whole thing to be over soon. Like a young fighter in cage for his first fight, people yelling, screaming, you try not to get kicked and pounched the life out off you but you can’t help it. Everything is just happening too fast, you are slowly losing the control of the situation.  After all it is the pit, the cage, no rule applies, no regulation, play dirty, nothing, just completely wild style, any rule will apply and pretty much anything goes. Literally the bottom of the bottom.  But you know once that bell rings, it is all over and really nothing matters.  Win or lose.

Once you have fought in the pit, you can pretty much fight anywhere. So for those young speakers out there, where do you face your unthinkable? The pit. The cage. The bottom of bottom.