Chiropractic doesn’t cure anything Part II


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#5 Chiropractic is no different than PT

PT is short for Physiotherapy and it focuses on the muscolosketetal system specifically. Most physiotherapists will focus on strengthening, relaxing, and stretching the muscle. When we combine Chiropractic ( specific approach toward function of body joints and spine) and Physiotherapy, the person will have more comprehensive care of their condition. Research has stated that when chiropractic is used in conjunction with physiotherapy, together they produce faster and longer lasting results when it comes to chronic pain management.

#6 Chiropractic is not evidence based practice, it is a voodoo science.

Maybe you had a bad experience in some chiropractic clinic or practice. Chiropractic has solid evidence based research to back up the benefit. Chiropractic is recognized and regulated with WHO (World Health Organization) as well as many other associations. It is part of public health system in many countries such as America, Canada, Austrlia, UK, NZ, etc.  Here is the link of top 10 evidence base research paper that is by third party to state the benefit and safety of chiropractic.  Check it out.

#7.  Chiropractic is dangerous for pregnant moms.

Chiropractic is very safe throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic is very effective towards low back pain, neck pain, and headaches.  Many expecting moms in Singapore are also women working full time.  If you are not pregnant, you can take pain killers or medication to manage those aches and pains. However, it is not recommended to take strong medication during pregnancy because of the potential harm for the baby. What will be the alternative way to ensure you have a comfortable and pleasant pregnancy? Chiropractic can be your solution! The chirorpactors will not prescribe any drug or surgery.  Here is the link from American pregnancy organization to state the benefit and safety of chiropractic care for pregnant moms. Many expecting moms are already benefiting from utilizing chiropractic care during their pregnancy.

#8. Don’t take your kids to Chiropractor. It is waste of time and money

In fact, many parents are taking their healthy children to chiropractor. Parents in Singapore always want a head start for their children in academics, why not head start them in health as well. Less sick days from school means more academic advancement throughout the year.

The link below is from the best selling book in Austrlia called “ Well Adjusted Baby”, it has 10 reasons parents from all over the world are taking their healthy children to chiropractors.

#9 I am an amature/professional sport athlete. Chiropractic can’t help me with my sports performance.

Pretend you are a F-1 professional driver. You have many years of experience and practice to perfect your techinque to run a perfect record on track. On your race day, your F1 race car only has 3 wheels and everyone is expecting you to reproduce that perfect record you have practiced. What do you think what will happen?

Sports injuries are very common for amature and professional athletic. Can you ignore it? Can you race with 3 wheels car? Chiropractic is effective when it comes to sports injury recovery. Many well known athletes are constantly under Chiropractic care even they are not competiting.

The link below states the reason and benefit of choosing chiropractic for your sport injury solution

#10 Chiropractic is expansive and I can’t afford it.

If money is a concern, then there are options available to help. In Singapore, many private health insurance companies are offering more coverage and options for chiropractic treatment. They are affordable and comprehensive. Not many people know this but as patients, you can find out if your insurance company provides options to cover the the health care cost.  Send us an email we will help you to find the solutions.

Chiropractic Education

Chiropractic Education

My final words:

The defination of lie is an intentionally false statement. Nothing can be further from truth, if you intend to find the truth yourself. You can come to your own conclusions based on solid observation and research.  If you had bad experience in Chiropractic, so what, we have all had bad experiences in many places all the time. If a hospital gives you bad experience, are you going to avoid all hospitals even under critical situations? Don’t let concern and unanswered questions stop you from exploring something could be a possibility for you. Create that possibility for yourself today

About Author:

Dr. Jenny Li ( Doctor of Chiropractic). Director of Singapore Pain Solutions.

I hope you enjoy this blog I have created. I will have more wellness, business development ( for new chiropractor or other wellness related business) ideas and few personal development experience I have gone through post on this site. If there is anything you would like to read please leave the comments below.

HM1_5024 (recommended 1st choice)

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible”

American Horror Story Freak Show premier Review


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Yes it is that time of year. Fall, beginning of TV shows and dramas keep your winter more entertained.  Last week we just had the premier of AHS freak show. I personally has been so looking for this.

Let’s talk about new “evil force” the Clown.

photo (6)

My first impression: “ha! they finally found Joker’s DAD!” Great makeup and visual effect of clown. When I was going through the twitter feed, yes I notice many people will experience sleepless nights due to him. So great job. Did anyone get sense of Buffalo Bill in him? misunderstood, fill with anger and twisted mind. I would like to see where this character is going.

Elysa Mars,

Life on Mars David Bowie, he is way not in the same timeline as 1952, why they would put this music number. Did you see Elysa dresses as baby blue suits, the blue eye shadow, same as david bowie from the music video?

That is some nice touch to it. But what is the point of this music number? What is Ryan Murphy trying to express here? Any ideas or suggestions? please let your suggestions below.

I want to see where this story is going. It does have strong writing ( from my standard), plus the end of episode one, it shows why Elysa is doing this, collecting “freaks” from different places, what is her sole purpose.

I am intrigue to see where this is going. So all over I give this episode 8/10, strong writing, interesting character development and I am hooked.

Did anyone get feeling of this is weird, freaky version of Glee in real time back in 1950? Thoughts? agree? disagree?

Looking forward the episode two this week.

Start below the bottom, the pit


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Here comes the Boom!

Kevin James is always one of my favorite comedian, his recent file “Here comes the Boom” really reflect what I am going through as the starting career of Professional Public Speaker. Just like a young fighter or gladiator. Where do you start? Way way way below the bottom, the pit, or sometime the cage.

When I am not adjusting patients in clinic often I take my time to educate small and medium corporation about health and wellness. Of course I always want the nice and very professional set up, conference room, auditorium, stage, with light, sound, just great presentation. But it is really not the case when you just start your career as Professional Public Speaker. Even with more than 100 public speaking hours under your belt when it comes to real deal sometime I still shake like dog.

Where do you start? Below the bottom, the pit, the cage

Where do you start? Below the bottom, the pit, the cage

Luckily the Speaking gig this week is definitely not a real deal. But it is just the worst set up ever. Well how bad is it? It is dinner/talk but I wasn’t aware about dinner, show up with no set up, nothing more than my little Ipad 2, everyone is ready to start the dinner, even worse, people are walking around, chatting. I literally have to stop and pause numerous times. Once you stop, you will loss your train of thoughts. Then the fear, awkwardness, anger, frustration, negativity start rushing in.  You are embarrassed, wanting to quit anytime, or just want this whole thing to be over soon. Like a young fighter in cage for his first fight, people yelling, screaming, you try not to get kicked and pounched the life out off you but you can’t help it. Everything is just happening too fast, you are slowly losing the control of the situation.  After all it is the pit, the cage, no rule applies, no regulation, play dirty, nothing, just completely wild style, any rule will apply and pretty much anything goes. Literally the bottom of the bottom.  But you know once that bell rings, it is all over and really nothing matters.  Win or lose.

Once you have fought in the pit, you can pretty much fight anywhere. So for those young speakers out there, where do you face your unthinkable? The pit. The cage. The bottom of bottom.

Why listening is important and how to be a good listener. PART 2





Rule number 4

Re-affirm the content avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

It is okay to repeat the key points of communicator,

Use phrase such as “ I am sorry to interrupt, do you mean…” “ If I am understanding this correctly, you are trying to say…”

Don’t be condescending!


Rule number 5 Forming conclusion and resolution

After the speaker is done, then form conclusion rather judgment, so this is relating back to be open minded, but at this point of communication, it is when the speaker is done, then listeners form conclusion and if needed, to form solution, or even resolution.  If the listeners are not open minded, won’t let speaker finish, impatience, not engaging the speaker, as we all know, there won’t be conclusion, solution and resolution formed. So time and energy are wasted both the speaker and listener. Even unfriendly, negative relation will form between speaker and listeners.

Now Let’s re-visit the situation again, by applying this five rules we just discussed.


The situation is night of same day, John came back from his meeting/dinner with clients and boss, and Lisa came back from Annie’s recital. In this situation, Lisa and John will switch roles but let’s see if the situation changes.


Lisa: John, Annie’s recital was beautiful, I wish you were there.

John didn’t interrupt, let Lisa finishes, and create eye contact, engaging with speaker.

Lisa: I am so proud of her, she did such wonderful job, she was so beautiful, later after recital I took her to ice cream and she told me that dancing makes her happy and she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. I am so happy. Our little one is growing up quickly and I don’t want you to miss those precious moments.

John was engaged, he had good eye contact, was not defensive in his body language, nodding and trying to be open and hear what Lisa wants to communicate. So what do you think the result of this conversation compare to the one in the morning? The listener applied the rules.  John didn’t interrupt Lisa instead of telling her off because he just done long day of work, he was patience, so John let Lisa to finish what she wants to talk about.  John had good eye contact which encourages the speaker Lisa to express what she really wants to communicate which is the daughter is growing up, the precious moments are more important than anything else, not because Lisa is sick and tired John keep disappearing, breaking promise, only cares about himself, in fact if you listen closely, Lisa didn’t blame John for anything rather just simply communicating a clear message which we will talk about next time how to be an effective communicator.


Was john open minded and wants to hear what Lisa wants to say? Absolutely! He didn’t put judgment or prejudice immediately, he didn’t see this situation as the one “ ok, here we go again, wife is nagging on me, again!” If needed, re-affirm with the content of communication. In this situation, are you trying to say that we should value more the precious moments of our daughter growing up.


What if the conversation takes place without any of the rules, what do you think it will be happen? John will interrupt Lisa by saying” hey I put food on table, education for our daughter, I need to do this, don’t u understand” He probably will be defensive through the conversation have his arm across, look away rather creating eye contact with Lisa, since John is already defensive do you think he will be open minded? Of course not, then what conclusion will result from this conversation. Nothing will be resolved, nothing was established, most likely John probably storm out the door.


What is the value of being good listeners then? Resolve potential unnecessary conflict, avoid miscommunication, confusion, but most important create between relation and safe environment between the speaker and listener; create good positive relation between the parties. In this situation we talk about it above, it saves a marriage and family.  Men and women can both be good listeners, good listening skill has nothing to do with gender, it is more or less following the rules, getting the correct information then form logical conclusion.


We just discuss some basic situation five basic rules that you can apply in your daily life, with your colleagues, family members, potential clients, clients and even enemy if you want communicate.  Most people will struggle with patience especially in Asia, everyone is rushing, getting to places, getting things done, but don’t be discouraged, before you have desire to interrupt, take a deep breath, give yourself a mental notes that you need to let the speaker finishes before you express any opinion or solution.  It takes practice to master the basic rules, be patient, practice and you will be a great listener in no time. It is always like playing poker, be patient, hold all your cards, let others unfold their cards first.



If you are like me, working with different people everyday, let your client or patients communicate first, through the content you can have better understanding of their agenda and even profile how to communicate with them effectively.


Why listening is important and how to be a good listener PART 1



We all heard you have two ears but one mouth, use them accordingly. I personally think a good listener is trainee class toward excellent communicator. Here are a tip or two.


  1. Why listening is important



Let’s start with a situation that most of us are very familiar with. Husband and wife, the morning before they both head out to work.

Husband: honey, I can’t come to tonight’s dance recital for Annie, I just got an email from the boss, he needs me to sit in a meeting/dinner tonight, it is last minute but I have no choice (interrupted with the wife)

Wife: john you always like this, cancel things the last minute, do you know she has been preparing this for so long. Blah blah blah.

The wife carries on the conversation nonstop, husband didn’t say anything, left house in the bad mood and slam the door. Wife sat down angrily….



Did this situation end well? Of course not, both parties are angry, nothing is solved in fact I guarantee you when those two meet again the same night they will carry on this fight. So, let change the situation a bit, and apply some basic rules of how to be a good listener, then re-visit the situation and see if the outcome of the situation changes or not.



Rule number 1, be patient! Let the speakers/communicators finish first!


Lisa interrupted John before he even finishes what he wants to communicate.


Rule number 2: be engaged!


Rather Lisa shows her back to john, as way to create barrier between them, she can create eye contact instead, nodding , agreeing encourage john to present all the reasons and background information of his decision.


Rule number 3: be open minded rather than cynical.


We all have our education, background, culture, race, religion and belief system to shape what we are and who we are today. Those factors make us unique also cynical. Because we are comfortable with what we know and have tendency to reject or disapprove others who see differently than us, when you listen, put all those elements behind, simply listen openly and see what is the objective of this communicator,


This is Lisa and john situation, Lisa immediately jumps into conclusion that John is breaking his promise one more time, and she immediate jumps to the conclusion that John likes to cancel on her, and it is habit of him. The worse conclusion is Lisa thinks John views work and career more important then her and her daughter. What is the tendency she is going to think… insecurity, jealousy, and sense of abandonment but is it true? Lisa by using her own view to create a false image of her husband John by not being open minded to see what is the objective of John’s contents.


Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream SPF45/PA+++ From Etude House


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Don’t know how awesome the Korean stuffs are till you have some! Yup, Got this BB cream totally by accident at Seoul international airport duty free shop, even at airport it still costs less than market price from Singapore. Singapore, really?! I call BB cream the lazy foundation routine, primer and foundation in one and it is comfortable on your face, not so heavy. Yeah the wrinkle reduce, well I guess that is just how advertisement is trying to make us even less secure about our looks, Yup, get your wrinkle prevention… now! Disregarding all this advertisement crap. I do like the texture and application of this BB cream, also it does have bit whitening elements to it, so for all the Asian babes who are so into “whitening” I think this one may just able to do the trick.

Glamoflague, New SECRET, My daily makeup must New secret



Many of you probably already using Glamoflauge. I start noticing this concealer through few other beauty guru on Youtube. I know it is nice cover up if you have scar, acne, not so nice skin texture, even tatoo. I don’t think I can find any of this glamoflauge in Singapore so I ordered one from U.S. and shipped to here. I have to say, the product is pretty amazing!
After change of diet and implementing omega 3, flaxseed and double my daily dosage of fruits (blueberry, apples, banana, etc), my skin is getting fairly better but it still has scars from acne and breakout years. er. But no worry, after searching for concealer, I really think the Glamoflauge is the one! It has great cover up, not so heavy (even it says heavy duty), just tiny bit of this, it can cover your entire face. so for $19 USD (the packaging doesn’t really look like $19 product but the quality is definitely worth it) it will definitely lasts for a while.